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I have always been fascinated by the sinking of the Titanic... have definitely watched way too many documentaries, etc. This looks great, it'll be cool to see it when you are able to work on it (which I feel deeply, I never seem to have time for my personal work).

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Great post! And this:

"As I answered, I could also feel myself intentionally wanting to push back on a trend I’ve seen in publishing: that a book that is six-months-old is already considered over the hill. All the energy is focused on FORTHCOMING TITLES, on COVER REVEALS, on PREORDERS."

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Hugely yes to all of this! More people need to think about the What's Now, rather than the What's Next.

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That's such a damn awesome column! I love it, Vike!!! And I'm gonna keep supporting The Keeper for now. But it WAS nice to be reminded of this other project -- whether it's the next book or the next NEXT book or whatever, I do look forward to seeing/reading more!


Peter Frampton

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