Welcome to The Habit of Art by Kelcey Ervick, a newsletter about writing, drawing, and storytelling as radical acts (that look a lot like sitting at a desk).

I’ve been writing for a lot of years. I got a Ph.D. in it. I’m a professor of it. But a few years ago, I started drawing every day, and it changed . . . everything. Especially my writing. (I wrote about the experience of daily art-making at The Rumpus, twice.)

In this newsletter, I’ll write and draw about:

  1. The ongoing journey to make art and tell meaningful stories.

  2. Books I’ve read. Cat’s I’ve loved. Birds I’ve watched.

  3. How I became an unlikely graphic memoirist.

This year is the 50th anniversary of Title IX, and my forthcoming graphic memoir, THE KEEPER, is about growing up as a soccer goalkeeper in the early years of Title IX, the law known for expanding girls’ and women’s opportunities in sports. It’s also about finding and losing a friend, marrying the wrong guy, unexpectedly becoming a mother, and figuring out how, after years as an athlete, I might become a writer. It will be published by Avery Books/Penguin in September 2022 but you can preorder it:


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